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Apr. 26th, 2017 08:59 pm
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October 2017
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Open Log

Oct. 16th, 2017 01:56 pm
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Who: Undyne & You
What: Mundane adventures with Undyne
Where: Around the city
When: September
Warnings: None!

[So for those are you who are less aware of pop-culture, a certain famous voice actress for a certain popular anime has agreed to do a signing. A lot of people are getting their blu-ray cases signed, but others are bringing in t-shirts, posters, and even fan art. Overall it's pretty standard stuff. Still, it's usually good to have a some kind of authority monitoring the event just in case. There are a lot of people that showed up, so you never know what could happen.

Of course, Undyne isn't one of those people waiting in line. Nope. That person with the scarf, sunglasses, wide brimmed hat, and several layers of clothing is totally not a pro hero. Even if the blue skin, scales, and red hair might suggest otherwise.

...she's not fooling anyone. Thankfully most of the fans seem distracted. Though perhaps you aren't; that giant fake sword she's carrying is very noticeable.]

Sheesh...I didn't think this many people actually watched Samurai Kitty Queens: Blades of Truth.

[So much for getting in, getting her sword signed, then getting out.]
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Who: Hiro, Killua, & You
What: Hiro and Killua's Excellent Shibuya Adventure
Where: Shibuya, or the equivalent of Shibuya
When: September 10th
Warnings: Nerds getting beat up because Hiro agreed to spar

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[Order: You > Hiro > Killua]
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Who: Teachers & Students
What: Teaching Catch-all
Where: U.A. High School
When: September 11-21
Warnings: Anything goes.
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Who: Students, but Teachers can get in with badges.
What: Dorms Catch-All
Where: Dorms, U.A. High School
When: September 11-21
Warnings: Anything goes.
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Who: Everyone
What: Mission Catch-All
Where: Everywhere
When: September 11-21
Warnings: Anything goes, really.
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Who: Sarah and you!
What: End of Summer clearance!
Where: Small corner shop rental in artisan district
When: Last week of September

Sarah had been getting settled rather well in this new region and her online merchandise was still moving as well as she could hope. Now she wanted to reinforce her sales locally so she figured, what better way than to have an end of summer sale? Just temporary mind you, she still preferred the ease of her online stores but popularizing her wares further locally would be good for all aspects of the businesses she ran...

So she ended up renting a corner shop for a week during the end of September and put out sales ads the week before. Once Sunday hit, she opened up and welcomed anyone in who was looking for a hand made dreamcatchers and other assorted trinkets as well as oils, incense, candles and other sense soothing chemicals, legal of course... unless you already knew of her other business of which you could procure other not-for-the-market items.

Feel free to pass by, browse, take pictures or even hang out. She has a small spot outside with a few tables and chairs where you could take a break and have some drinks and maybe some of the pastries she had for sale too! Those who have met her before will be urged to pass by, if at least for a chat. So what say you?

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Who: Tokoyami and you!
What: Jogging or hanging around
Where: Outside UA, at the park
When: later half of September

Bird On The Run
While his quirk was considered strong, it was the only real strength he had. Tokoyami alone couldn't take on a villain, and he knew that, so he took it upon himself to improve his own physical strength and abilities. One of those things was his stamina, so here he was, running late in the afternoon after classes were finished.

Maybe you'll catch him mid-run, looking as if he's been a runner for a while, or maybe you caught him right as he's about to take his nth break, a hand leaning against a tree for support and way out of breath.

Snack Break
That was enough running for now. Stopping at a park, Tokoyami seats himself on one of the benches, pulling out a bag of bird seeds. The birds already fly scuttle closer or fly on down, expectant of treats. He stares at them for a moment.

"...Here you go." He scatters some in front of them, then puts his hand back in to scoop up some more. This time, he feeds it to himself, throwing it back into his beak. "It's good, isn't it?"

Care to feed some birds or join the eating?

It's (Almost) The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
Tokoyami has just walked out of a store, plastic bags in each hand. Someone's been busy shopping, but for what? Unbeknownst to him, one of the items had fallen out of the bag, and a black pumpkin finds its way rolling towards you.

Wanna do anything else? Lemme know!
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Who: UA teaching staff
What: Increasingly drunk karaoke
Where: A room at some karaoke club
When: A Saturday evening in early September
Warnings: Presumably none

[Teachers are people too and need to unwind too and in the high stakes world of teaching heroics, your friends are likely to be your colleagues. As such, a group of UA teachers have occupied a room at a local karaoke club to relax, unwind and mostly likely get embarrassingly drunk in front of colleagues. So fun for everyone in other words.

One thing that sets this karaoke night apart from most is the sheer, prodigious amount of snacks, light dishes and drinks littering the table. There's far more food here than the size of the group would suggest. More scarily, there's enough empty packaging to reveal that a lot has already been eaten.

What embarrassing songs will you sing? Which bad decisions that made sense at the time will you make?]
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[Guess who's skipping class? This guy is, but not like he's going to say that out loud...!! Playing hooky is serious business! ]

anyone wanna go skateboarding? i can teach a few moves.

its easy just trust me.

well okay, i lied.

you might trip once or twice.

if its your first time bring a helmet and some arm pads. i dont want the teachers to get mad at me again. 
 [For good reason, tbh.]

having some protection will get us both out of trouble. i can meet you anywhere, just say the word.

[OPEN] 001

Sep. 5th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Who: Killua Zoldyck and YOU!
What: Pick pocketing, showing off, and loitering
Where: See prompts
When: September 2-10
Warnings: I can't guarantee he won't threaten someone.

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Who: Students, but Teachers can get in with badges.
What: Dorms Catch-All
Where: Dorms, U.A. High School
When: September 1-10
Warnings: Anything goes.
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Who: Everyone
What: Mission Catch-All
Where: Everywhere
When: September 1-10
Warnings: Anything goes, really.
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Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:13 pm
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Who: Kid and YOU
What: Two chill ways to meet a hero
Where: Kid's hero agency, or generally just around town
When: August 21ish
Warnings: None (cowboys), Prose to start then whatever you want.

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And on patrol )
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Who: Sarah and you
What: A pleasant walk, away from cries of despair and emergency response vehicles...
Where: Park
When: August 20
Warnings: Anything goes, really. Starting prose, you do you and I'll match!

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Who: Everyone
What: Mission Catch-All
Where: Everywhere
When: August 18-31
Warnings: Anything goes, really.
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Aug. 12th, 2017 07:28 pm
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WHO: Undyne and YOU!
WHAT: Some poor storeowner is being extorted for "protection" and Undyne is looking into it, among other things.
WHERE: Downtown.
WHEN: Throughout August.

For pro heroes + interning students. )

For pro heroes + interning students. )

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Aug. 12th, 2017 04:14 pm
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WHO: everyone (first prompt for pros/students, the second for villains)
WHAT: making acquaintances, forging alliances maybe
WHERE: UA (first prompt), anywhere in the city (second prompt)
WHEN: throughout August

1. for students, teachers and other heroic types
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2. for more... shady types, heroes stay out!
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Aug. 11th, 2017 10:49 pm
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WHO: eren and you!
WHAT: beach clean ups (and unauthorized investigating maybeβ€” possible npc villain appearance??), training with pros, destroying the shared dorm kitchen and anywhere else
WHERE: ☝️ those places
WHEN: throughout august!






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