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Apr. 26th, 2017 08:59 pm
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Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:13 pm
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Who: Kid and YOU
What: Two chill ways to meet a hero
Where: Kid's hero agency, or generally just around town
When: August 21ish
Warnings: None (cowboys), Prose to start then whatever you want.

At the office... )

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Who: Sarah and you
What: A pleasant walk, away from cries of despair and emergency response vehicles...
Where: Park
When: August 20
Warnings: Anything goes, really. Starting prose, you do you and I'll match!

Maddening pleasantries... )

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Who: Everyone
What: Mission Catch-All
Where: Everywhere
When: August 18-31
Warnings: Anything goes, really.
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Aug. 12th, 2017 07:28 pm
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WHO: Undyne and YOU!
WHAT: Some poor storeowner is being extorted for "protection" and Undyne is looking into it, among other things.
WHERE: Downtown.
WHEN: Throughout August.

For pro heroes + interning students. )

For pro heroes + interning students. )

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Aug. 12th, 2017 04:14 pm
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WHO: everyone (first prompt for pros/students, the second for villains)
WHAT: making acquaintances, forging alliances maybe
WHERE: UA (first prompt), anywhere in the city (second prompt)
WHEN: throughout August

1. for students, teachers and other heroic types
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2. for more... shady types, heroes stay out!
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Aug. 11th, 2017 10:49 pm
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WHO: eren and you!
WHAT: beach clean ups (and unauthorized investigating maybeβ€” possible npc villain appearance??), training with pros, destroying the shared dorm kitchen and anywhere else
WHERE: ☝️ those places
WHEN: throughout august!




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Who: Kirishima, Sielje
What: Kirishima wants to have a talk with Sielje about what happened at the Sport's Festival (closed) & on the way back to the dorms after an internship mishap
Where: one of the training buildings & on the street/dorms
When: Aug 10

Strategic clothing damage is a working risk )


Aug. 6th, 2017 08:41 pm
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Hey guys! If anyone's been paying attention, there have been a lot of counterfeit hero merchandise going around lately. Whether you're buying it for your own collection or for friends and family, it's very important to support the original makers and those heroes whose merchandise you're buying! I put together this video guide to help you pick out the real stuff from the fake. Please watch it and remember everything so you don't waste your money on knockoffs!!

[Embedded in the post is a video. It's... an hour and a half long. It opens on Hiro giving a similar introduction as his text post. He filmed at his apartment, which is surprisingly neat and clean. His hero goods collection is on display in the corner of the frame, with everything posed very strategically.]

So let's start off with the easiest to figure out!

[From the bottom of the frame, he pulls out a pack of various hero action figures, but they're all strange recolors of familiar ones...]

These are the most easy to spot because... well, look at it! All the colors are wrong, and it has the shoddiest paint jobs I've ever seen. Don't get me started on the names they give them--look, All Fight. This isn't Super Smash Heroes! I'm offended the makers are even trying to pass it off as that! All Fight may pay homage to All Might, but he has a different personality and presence than All Might!

[This goes on for some time. Skip ahead. Now he has two stacking dolls of Gunhead.]

--metimes good quality, but not nearly as good as the real thing. It's very subtle, but the tags are different. The real one-- [He takes the camera and has it zoom and focus on the little tag.] --has the maker and the hero's name on it, but the maker's name is printed in carmine. The fake-- [He brings the other one into view] --is in scarlet. The print spacing is also different--

[Skip ahead]

--harder to figure out from online auctions. But if there's one surefire way to see if the seller has a fake collectible is from the pictures. Do a reverse image search. If you can find the image on several different sites, chances are, there is something wrong with the item the seller has. But don't give up on it yet, message the seller! Ask them for unique pictures to double check, and try to get one where the maker's company information is clearly visible. Once you have that, cross reference it with official images the company itself released. A true collectible seller takes pride in the stock they keep, and is more than happy to prove they have real products!

[It goes on.]
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Who: Katsuki Bakugou, students, and teachers if they want to show up when students start screaming
What: Bakugou's been coerced into playing horror games
Where: Common Room in U.A. Dorm Building I
When: Late night, Jul 29
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Who: Makoto and YOU!
What: Summertime internships, training, and maybe finally some R&R
Where: Out in the city or around UA campus
When: July, specific time/date is whatever works best for you

So much for summer vacation... )
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Who: Maggie and whoever feels like looking
What: Being surprisingly proactive about practicing and reaching out socially
Where: General vicinity of UA, nobody seems to have gone home or gotten an internship in Sapporo anyway
When: Time leading up to school going out and early bits after, the exact moment is whatever you think works best
Warnings: Hopefully none, maybe some swearing eventually
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Who: Kaminari and whoever!
What: Hanging out at the shopping mall between hero internship days.
Where: Wookies!
When: July, during free days from hero work
Warnings: None for now, but will update as things go!

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Who: Kenta Ooyama and anyone who runs into him!
What: Various summer activities
When: During the school offtime
Where: Out on the town/in the dorms/in the campus fields
Warnings: None (dogs)

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Who: Everyone
What: WALK THE STREETS or stare into filing cabinets. How badly did you mess up?
Where: Everywhere
When: July 2017
Warnings: Potentially violence/clerical work/super lecturing
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Who: Hiro Oozora and You!
What: Video games. So many video games.
Where: Blue Falcon arcade at the mall.
When: After school/Sundays after the sports festival.
Warnings: Probably salt and salty language.

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< Network ; U.A. BOARD >

Hi hi hi this is Chinami-chan! γƒΎοΌˆγ€ƒοΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎοΌ‰οΎ‰β™ͺ

im so bored!!! do you know what its like not being able to go home for the summer?! it stinks!! i cant even take an internship but gross who would want to right???? r(゚ペ)

but whatever i wanna go do stuff like shopping and finding love

AND PARFAITS THE REALLY CUTE ONES!!!!!! (β•―βœ§βˆ‡βœ§)β•―

whats everyone up to, cmon talk to me
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Who: Pro-Heroes and School Staff only
What: Meeting
Where: U.A. High School Meeting Room
When: (Backdated) July 01
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Who: Natsuko, her students, and anyone else
What: Ethics class, donation drive, investigating, and clothes shopping
When: Between the sports festival end and late July vacation
Where: UA campus, Police HQ, and a shopping center
Warnings: None
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Who: Raven and her colleagues and students, as well as anybody who just wanders in
What: Quirk training and commiserating about work
When: Loosely speaking sometime between the sports festival and summer vacation
Where: UA campus and one of those small yakitori stands from anime
Warnings: Probably none
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who: ushijima wakatoshi and you!
what: quirk training (comes in solitary or +you flavor), lots of birds, molting season and what are those on your feet, sonΒ 
when: catch all for july!
where: around campus during the first half of the month, then in town, or the tori cafe.
warnings: none atm.

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